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2020 Vision - God's Plan for Each of Us- by Michele Carter

Join me on a journey of discovering God's plan for you personally this year. Answer some questions, dig into the Word and listen for His voice as you lean into your future purpose.

This is a fun, faith-filled activity that can be done in a women's group, with your family or on your own.

I will lead you in a process of personal reflection in the video and show you the materials you will want to gather to build your own Faith Vision Board.

My prayer is that you will be blessed by this process and have a glimpse of who God created you to be and how He wants to use you in the Kingdom. 


Here is the link for the Faith Vision Board Preparation Questions: 

2020 Faith Vision Board Presentation: Video with PPT

If you would like to watch this on YouTube:


Michele Carter

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Melissa Blount
Melissa Blount
Apr 28, 2020

I just love this idea and will be getting my family to do this one night via Zoom while we are quarantined and still cannot meet in person! PTL

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