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Calling for Kingdom Clarity- by Tamra Andress

Calling; loosely used but deeply designed.

A beckoning desire to live out your vertical align.

The space in which freedom exists within your daily walk,

Vocation breeding joy in your mouths talk.

Not idol, not complacent, not dissatisfied or weary,

Passion so deep you sense the holy fury.

A fire within that never burns out.

A sleep it, dream it, eat it kind of shout.

How do you discover it? It’s not a hidden gem,

But instead a secret place where you give it all to Him.

All control, all design, all greed, and pride.

All ego, all selfishness, all worry and fear laid aside.

Submission is the fertile soil by which His planting begins.

Planning a harvest for His Kingdoms men.

Your stockpile, your testimony, woven within the field.

Your unique imprint designed to prepare the meal.

Grandiose expression of His love as He shares and opens doors,

Go this way, not that, Trials you can endure.

Is it hard? Ask Jesus for He is our example.

A knowing within His heart “this is the road I must trample”.

Long days, long nights, putting in the time,

But knowing the energy source is of a limitless kind.

Unspeakable joy residing within,

Shining on the lamp stand He will craft and send.

Your platform isn’t about numbers, likes, algorithms or follows.

Those are the worlds measures that leave you hollow.

Cultivated on the rock, your calling is founded in Him,

Therefore no storm, whirlwind, or new fad ends His trend.

Ministry combined with the mission, money too can be your friend,

When gifted, return it, help others prosper and you will see abundance win.

The lies you’ve been told will hold you back from pursuit,

Yes you are worthy, capable and called - He roots you.

Don’t be held up, for such a time as this.

Calling doesn’t come easy, but it’s equally pure bliss.

Within enemy lines, here on earth, we fight.

Not against but for, all the things He created as right.

Calling awaits you. Lean in and let love lead,

A sisterhood needed, to support your raised arms and good deed.

The answer to your questions, within the God inside you,

Wake up, say yes, let the spirit guide you. 


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