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I Am Remaking You Into My New Vessel- by Margaret Stearns

Jeremiah 18:4 - And the vessel that He was making from clay was spoiled in the hand of the Potter, so He made it over, reworking it into another vessel as it seemed good to the Potter to make.

Prophetic Interpretation and Application:

Think it not strange when you feel My hands working your clay; pulling and tugging and stretching make you into a brand-new vessel for My view.

Think it not strange in this Era of War, that I would indeed remove you from a certain platform you have bring you higher or lower... as My true wisdom knows.

My nail-scarred hands are heavily upon you now..

My Church, My I continue to work your wine skin, removing the Old to bring forth the New.

Do not be alarmed to see the many layers I am peeling off of you...the Reshaping and the Remaking of the New you I am bringing into View.

I am pouring out My Spirit in refreshing ways.

My living Water is healing those dry, chapped, wound-scourched hearts... and melting away any residue of bitterness and dismay.

Be prepared as you may feel Me touch you, your life, in unexpected I continue to bring you closer to My ultimate Destiny I have written on your Scroll... For your Destiny Scroll is unfurling now and I am rapidly releasing My plans for you in the earth at this pivotal time.

Be aware that you may in fact find that I have relocated you I skillfully work your clay and shape you to fit My next ordained placement upon My earth...for such a time as this.

Do not be afraid or get caught off guard as additional changes I make in your daily or monthly schedules begin to emerge.

Stay flexible and adaptable in My loving hands as I may be Reworking you to 'Re-Work' in a different way then you've known or been familiar with.

These are the Days of Elijah...for I have sent My Spirit of Elijah to permeate the atmosphere and to raise up a mighty Army of Sons and Daughters who know their Heavenly Father intimately.

These are the Vessels I am forging to roam the earth and to storm the gates of hell...

My true Sons and Daughters I have fashioned on My Potter's Wheel~ A new breed of Pioneers and Soldiers to Reap the Harvest Fields.

Received by Holy Spirit: 10/23/2021


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