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The Wife Of Christ- by Margaret Stearns

My precious Lord, my precious Husband.

Take me into Your chamber of love to lay in the warm comfort of Your arms' embrace.

Make me Your Wife...

having grown from Bridal love to a deeper, mature love for You.

I want to truly know You and be known by You.

To be ever so much more united as One in the Spirit~

You in me and I in You...

We as One;

A team of love working and performing our Father's will.

You have made me Your priestly Wife and Your heart of passion calls to me to come into Your inner Courts...

Your bedroom of pure, tender passion....

To be with You in the Holiest Place, resting beside You on our bed of Righteousness...

The covers white with Your Glory having colored them with a heavy weight of warmth over us.

You have raised Your scepter towards me in Your merciful and loving favor~

My King; giving honor to a lowly handmaiden.

You have desired my company and have called for me to meet with You...

to reign with You where You are...

Seated in the highest of Heavenly Places.

With humility and contrite spirit I have lifted up my eyes to meet Yours....

Tears of repentance and gratitude racing down my flushed cheeks.

You whisper into my ear softly, pressing a gentle kiss on my earlobe that has reddened with pure joy and humble submission:

" My precious Queen...

My lovely One."

What love you lavish upon Me! How is it that You could find such delight to seek to know me so intimately, for I am but a wretched sinner...

Surely You have misplaced Your Holy affections?

But...No, You assure me.

You have come for me, to bring me to this place where You are~

By Your Redeeming Blood and cleansing Word; You have removed the stain and blemish that had kept us separated for too long.

You have drawn me by Your loving kindness and even now I feel Your tender touch wiping away the tears of shame and godly sorrow that lay wet upon my face.

" No more tears, My love...

My beautiful One.

In My love I formed you

In your mother's womb.

Before the foundations of

The world it has been My

Desire and My Vision...

To one day behold you in

All your Glory, standing

Next to Me as My Bride....

My pure, blameless, spot-

less and most beautiful

Bride...My only True love..

My Glorious Wife."

Prophetic Poetry

Written by : Margaret Stearns


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