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Copy from June 9th- John 6:19- by Lyn Jordan

Recently I sat under the teaching of an amazing, Godly man who covered this scripture and others surrounding it. Reminding us of how God cares for us, loves us, seeks us out. How beautiful! And He does! But God took me one step further as I have pondered this scripture over the last week.

I keep thinking HE WALKED ON THE WATER!!!! As I continued to ponder, I realized Jesus does love us, come to us, care for us, seek us out, but He does so in miraculous ways. I think sometimes we tend to box God into things we understand and can wrap our minds around, but God is into the miraculous. I don't think we look for the miraculous or expect it either.

Think about it - these guys in the boat had been rowing in a terrible storm for three or four hours; they were exhausted in every way I would think. THEN, HERE COMES JESUS!!! Yes...He wanted them to know His presence in the storm, but He did so in a miraculous way! HE WALKED ON THE WATER PEOPLE!

It could be that He wanted them to know He doesn't have a "box" in which we can contain Him. He has no boundaries except those He establishes upon Himself. Now, my mind cannot wrap itself around all that God can and will do in my life. He is the miraculous God. He is the powerful God. He is Caring. He is Loving. He is Present. I think maybe I am sometimes so focused on the everyday that I miss the miraculous; all His love focused on me and on you!

Maybe He is just waiting on me to be worn out by the storm, so I am ready to look over across the troubled waters and see - HERE COMES JESUS! Maybe I won’t be quite so tired and worn if I look at Him first, and not the circumstance of the day. Maybe I will see the miraculous blessings of my God when I quit focusing on the problems. Just what I was thinking.

Lyn Jordan


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