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Copy of Reflection Part 1- by Jess Hall

As in water face reflects face the heart of man reflects the man. (Proverbs 27:19, ESV)


“An image given back by a reflecting surface.”

“The return of light or sound waves from a surface.” (Merriam Webster)

What reflects? Mirrors. Still waters. Shiny metals.

They give back and return the images of things surrounding

them for all to see.

the human heart reflects a person’s true character. (Proverbs 27:19, MSG)

If our hearts are a mirror, then that which is in us and around us will be reflected from us for all the world to see.

What we fill our time with.

Who we spend our days with.

Where we go. How we speak. What we think.

It shows the real us. What truly matters to us…

We need to ask ourselves, “Is God a part of this?”

Have we allowed Him within our hearts? To walk beside of us through our days?

Are we able to reflect His image in our words, our actions, our decisions, our dreams?

Our life is an adventure.

Full of opportunities for beauty. Moments of risk. Chances of darkness.

We may encounter still pools of peace, reflecting perfect images, and feel like we made it to where we were meant to be…

Will we ask ourselves, “Is God in that reflection?”

And if those still pools start moving, from ripples we create or from rough waters created by forces beyond our control...

If our peaceful life is disrupted. Churned up. Darkened. Dirtied. Until all that is reflected is the muddy muck deep within us.

Our fears. Anxiety. Anger. Pride.

Oozing up and out. Masking our true image. Blocking His reflection.

Will we wonder where it all went wrong? Will we ask ourselves, “Is God still with me?

Is He there when there is no more reflection to be found?”