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"The Lifter of Our Head"- by Jess Hall

"But You, God, shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, You lift my head high..." (Psalm 3:3, MSG)

Look up from the mountains

Look up from the sea

Look up from corn-filled fields

As far as the eye can see

The Creator of all is with you

Surrounding you with His love

Shielding on all sides with protection

Defending you from above

Giving a firm foundation

Not from ground on which you stand

But from faith built on His Solid Rock

Instead of earth's shifting sand

Trust in His Word of Truth

In His Promises you will see

He is the One who lifts your head

Restoring you to victory

"But You, LORD, are my shield! You are my glory! You are the one who restores me." (CEB)

"But You are my shield, and You give me victory and great honor." (CEV)

SHIELD: "magen" = a shield. (Figuratively, a protector) Word origin from "ganan" = to cover, surround, defend. (Strong's Concordance)



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