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Weigh The Day- by Kay K. Mortimer

How many of us run out of hours in a day leaving behind a list of unaccomplished chores on paper or in our minds? Sound familiar?

Life is busy. Raising kids. Rushing here and there. Taxiing the next all-star player to ball games. Carrying the little ballerina to dance practice. Accompanying a parent to a doctor’s appointment or medical procedure.

Daily tasks abound, endlessly it seems. Juggling work, family, and devotional time with the Lord can be challenging in the days we live in. Sometimes taking a breather and re-examining priorities can be helpful. In those moments, it’s good to get a bird’s-eye view from the Scriptures.

One place providing guidance, no matter what season of life in which we find ourselves, is the writing of Moses in Psalm 90. This Psalm raises us up above the fray of the hustle and bustle of life and allows us to evaluate our days from a higher point of view.

Moses speaks of God’s faithfulness and His everlasting nature, reminding us that our God is eternal – in any and every season we may encounter. He also reminds us that even one thousand years is to God as if it were only one day. This brings to mind our own eternal existence in light of the challenges of each passing hour, as well as the brevity of each one we are granted.

The man of God shows us that, although our days may span seventy or eighty years, yet they may be froth with our own failures to repent of, or sorrows and toils as we tarry through this snippet of time. As Moses expresses his main point in verse 12, he later concludes with a prayer, recognizing our need for God’s continual compassion, favor, and beauty. He also acknowledges our need for God’s blessing on our labors, making our accomplishments meaningful and effective.

The summation of Moses’ theme for this chapter rests in verse 12, “So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Wise words of supplication to God - for the aged deliverer of Israel, and for us today.

In understanding the depth of this request, let’s consider what our life truly is, why we are here, and how this verse should impact us in the 21st Century. Moses identifies a common need of all human beings to understand the answers to these questions. He shows forth the brevity of our short span here, as if we were some speck on an eternal and infinite number line – a speck that is invisible to the naked eye. This truly represents life on earth. Nothing more than the “dash” on a gravestone, and just as brief.

So, why are we here? Each of us has a wonderful Creator who rejoiced over us as He intricately formed every part of our being. (See Psalm 139:13-18)

In doing so, He crafted within us:

· A longing to know and worship Him in a personal and lasting way, including the very desire to spend eternity in relationship with Him (See Ecclesiastes 3:11),

· A unique combination of personality, talents, and insights, woven together to accomplish the exact destiny for which we were made (see John 15:16),

· An opportunity for our time here on earth to truly matter by bearing eternal fruit in the lives of others we love and encounter (see Matthew 6:20).

Understanding God’s distinct creation of us can motivate us to discover the rewarding life God desires for every moment He gives us.

Considering our eternal existence, a short lifespan of seventy or eighty years is minute – like that tiny speck on an infinite number line, seemingly insignificant and meaningless. Yet, valuable and precious both to God and to us.

We need the Lord’s help to prioritize our days so that our labors matter. In understanding the Hebrew word used for “number” in verse 12 of Psalm 90, we gain some insight. This word means to “weigh out, allot, appoint, or assign.”

Moses petitions the Lord to help us “weigh” the days we have been granted. Knowing none of us are guaranteed tomorrow (see Proverbs 27:1 and James 4:13-15), we should make this a daily priority, letting the Lord control our agenda of daily tasks.

Certainly, the Lord grants us children or grandchildren to love and care for, jobs to provide livelihood, friends to share life experiences with, ministry opportunities with which to serve Him, and other pleasures and activities to enjoy as well. Truly, each of these are blessings from the Lord and part of our entire life experience.

The question rests not in whether we should accomplish these various tasks, but rather, in that we should seek God for the right priorities and pursuits of the work He has for us to do in each of the arenas of our lives.

Perhaps a re-examination of our priorities could help us, by addressing such questions as:

· Have I submitted my agenda today to the will of the Lord?

· Am I open to any “interruption” He may desire along the way today? Could the Lord lead me to pray for someone, or stop and help a friend, something that wasn’t on my “chore list” but may very well be on His?

· Do I realize the lasting and eternal effect that I could have in the lives of my children, grandchildren, co-workers, family, or friends?

· As I go about my day today, can I recognize that my time here on earth is limited, and yet can make an eternal impact?

It could be that a new, heavenly view can bring freshness into a stale schedule, as we consider our daily lives in the light of eternity and the fruit that Jesus can bring to others through us (see John 15). Are we even aware that every single day, we can make choices, speak words, and perform deeds that glorify God and draw people to Jesus, all the while laying up treasures in heaven as we invest in their lives?

By understanding what Jesus meant when He said “lay up treasures in heaven,” each day takes on a whole new meaning. To deposit treasures in heaven simply means to invest in the one thing that transfers from earth to heaven. This is not money, possessions, prestige, or fame. It is the souls of people – men, women, boys and girls. Precious lives Jesus died for. Sweet souls we encounter and can impact for our Lord in eternal ways.

In my latest Bible-teaching series, “Beaming At The Bema – Preparing For The Afterlife,” I delve in-depth into this topic. I attempt to show the importance of our choices today in light of the Bema Seat of Jesus that awaits us in the future. Not only do we learn about this coming event, but we also understand how crucial it becomes as we learn to “weigh” each day. By allotting our days to the things and people that matter for eternal purposes, we choose the greater weight, thereby making every moment impactful in lasting ways. Simply put, we learn to make every day count.

By weighing the day, we don’t waste it. Rather, we deposit treasures in heaven, awaiting future rewards that, although are undeserved, are indeed promised by our Lord. I’m so thankful Moses gave us this prayer and I share in his desire.

May we not neglect the importance of drawing near to Jesus daily, having Him lead us throughout each one, and being sensitive to His Holy Spirit in every waking moment. May we seek Him for His direction and for his enabling strength to accomplish His desires through us.

May each of us weigh out every day, anticipating the age to come, so that we allot our time appropriately and leave a legacy of faith and fruit for Jesus’ sake when our time here has ended.


P.S.: If you would like to learn more about this Bema Seat study or any of our other teachings, these can be found on my Rumble or podcast channels (Covenant Truth Ministries, Inc). To find out more, visit my website, and click on the “Media” tab. You may also enjoy my article, “Living In The Dash,” available on my site as well. Explore other articles and resources available there. I would like to encourage you to check out Marty Goetz’s song, “Teach Us To Number Our Days,” on YouTube for his musical rendition of this Psalm.


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