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2023 Equals You And Me Strategically- by Margaret Stearns

In 2023 it is all about you and Me!

Come away into your Bridal chambers and sit at My feet.

Allow Me to speak tenderly to you and receive from Me true meat.

There are soft, sweet morsels I desire to feed you with; and also I have battle plans to download to you, for the Hour is at hand!

My Bride must be battle-ready, My Army equipped to the hilt.

I have dressed you in a wedding gown as well as My Army kilt!

It seems you can forget at times, My Beloved, that we are always at War. Yet, you do know we have overcome our enemies even as they stand at the door!

There are giants in the land that you have yet to learn how to defeat; as you keep your eyes on Me you will quickly see...

as you watch Me go before you raising My shofar to My lips, the sound of My War cry blasting forth will cause riffs!

I am assembling My Army of Worshippers, you see!

Each one has a song or an instrument to play. Every heart sings its melody to Me in its own way.

I am causing My Bride to fall more in love with Me every day,

as she catches Me watching her just sitting in her chair...

'Her' heart is enlarging even more with surrender to Me; My sons and My daughters...

My great End-time Army!

I'm sounding an alarm from My shofar placed at My lips,

strategic sounds and harmonies from My Heavenly Blue Print. Upon seeing Me raise My shofar and hearing its instruction, My great Army is marching out victoriously...

My great Ensemble of Worshippers!

As you sit with Me in the stillness, soon you shall faintly hear at first...

the sound of a melody far off in the distance. There are heavenly melodies and sounds coming into your ears~

I am playing a great Symphony at My fingertips!

I have a special melody, a strategic sound that is just for you... it is a sound only you can carry to the world, this unique sound for you.

Within its depths there are words for you only to hear...

and then you shall bring them forth, giving birth to them in the earth!

Were you able to figure it out?

Were you able, My Bride, to discern? These unique sounds and melodies are coming straight to you from Me!

These sounds are your Heavenly Blue Prints, My Strategic words for you to receive!

In 2023 keep your gaze upon Me...and together we will walk out our Heavenly Father's Blue Print Strategically...

His great Ensemble of true Worshippers, His great End-time Army!!

Written by : Margaret Stearns

Recorded: 1/9/2023


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