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Do We Desire To Be Made Into A New Vessel To Pour Out His New Wine?- by Margaret Stearns

Are we content being an old wine skin and comfortable and complacent to continue to pour out old wine?

Are we stuck in an old glory?

Are we moving in the Hand of God; flexible and pliable to be conformed into a new vessel...

fit and ready to receive His New Wine? Our New Wineskin made by His wise, Fatherly hands?

Many of us have become stuck on His Potter's Wheel, unyielding and brittle in His warm hands.

Is our stubborn will stopping us from being transformed into the New Vessel He is purposing to make us into?

We are 'clay' in His hands.

Are we allowing Him to touch us;

our lives, our mold us even more into His likeness?

To be made a vessel honorable and new; to hold His New Wine, His New Glory He desires to pour out unto a hungry and thirsty land... a people crying out to receive His love and His words of truth and life?

Are we willing to be broken in His all-knowing be cut and pruned and shaped into the New Vessel it pleases Him to make?

He is testing our clay; gingerly pressing upon our hearts and checking for any stony particles that still need to be removed as He sits at His Potter's Wheel envisioning what He has desired for us to be conformed into...

A New Vessel to receive and to hold and to pour out.. His New Glory...His New Wine.

" I understand the hardness of your heart and the anger that rises up in your souls because of trauma and disappointment and regrets, My children.

Allow Me, as your Great Physician,

to draw close to you, to touch your wounds with My nail-scarred hands...

To cover you with My Good Shephard's shawl, drawing you closer to My chest, embracing you in My arms of Ever-lasting love.

Let Me heal your war-torn hearts made heavy with the cares of this world. It is time for another shot of My Heavenly antidote...

To heal your broken hearts and shattered dreams; to soothe your pain with My Glorious salve... Renewing and reviving your spirits in this Hour."

" I still have a plan, a design, a blue-print for your lives. My gifts and callings are irrevocable and without repentance. Do not allow the past season of pain and suffering to cause your clay to harden, and be immovable in My loving hands.

I am your Master Potter and,... My Beloved, I understand.

I took upon Myself all your diseases and sicknesses and anguish of heart; physical and emotional healings are available to you through My death and Resurrection. My blood was shed for sins and curses. Death lost its hold on Me! I have overcome the grave and have Risen victoriously!

My gentle fingers are touching you and pressing into you..

My Glorious Clay.

Allow Me to fashion you into the New Vessels I have envisioned you to be...

Healed and Renewed and polished, Remade...

New Wineskins receiving My New Wine, being poured out this May!"

Margaret Stearns

Written: 4/30/24


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