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5784 ~ Grace, Completion, New Beginnings...Open Doors- by Margaret Stearns

This is the year of your Jubilee!

This is the time for your crossing over...

Step across your Jordan and step into your Promised land!

Do not fear the giants...

Do not shrink back in dismay,

for I go before you!

I will part the waters and you will walk on dry ground.

I am making a way for you in the desert. I am pouring down My Heavenly rain to refresh you!

I am bringing closure to past seasons...Can you see the New doors I am opening before you? Don't be surprised as you see doors closing... Be expectant to see the new doors I am preparing for you to walk through!

Do not hesitate to cross over and step through the door into your new opportunity.

Let go of the familiar paths I have led you in thus far, I am leading in a new way you know not!

A new creativity I am birthing in you and for you and through you right now. Will you not be aware of this?

Behold, the old is past away...

A new thing I am doing in you and through you and for you!

Your new door is before you.

Will you walk through?

Be bold and courageous, My children!

Walk through your new door.

I go before you!



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