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Bursting Forth!- by Lyn Jordan

Oh my goodness! If you are like me, I am just itching to get out and about! I feel like something inside of me just wants to burst!

After all of the quarantine, rain - and more rain, social distancing and separation, I am ready for some in person contact, and quite frankly a meal in a restaurant. I am of course aware of the precautions that must be taken and am doing so...but oh, it feels like freedom! I have had much opportunity to examine life, my mission, and God has been present all along the way.

I am filled with hope and so encouraged. Are you?

Let's be very honest, this has been a very difficult time for everyone, and many of us are still experiencing setbacks and adversity, but new opportunities are all around us. I am reminded of the butterfly. Cocooned for a length of time, a transformation takes place and what was once a rather unattractive caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. When it bursts forth - it takes to the sky, and is delightful to behold a renewed form. It has a new purpose - no longer crawling - it soars with delicate and powerful strokes of its wings.

I want to be a butterfly.

Now, I know that is impossible - no wings! However, I can soar. What if I look at the last couple of months as a time of transformation, and take what I have learned and become better; ready to take on what comes next? What if I make it a point to spend more time with my family, scheduling more time at home? Maybe I decide to purposefully visit those I have missed. What if I take all of this pent-up energy and excitement and spend it on the important instead of the urgent? What if I choose not to return to normal, but construct a new normal that encompasses what I truly value?

Nothing we experience in life is invaluable, it all has purpose. We can burst free from our wrappings and see opportunities we may have missed in the past. Our purpose is to have an effect on the lives of others. What will that look like? Will we bring beauty and assist others as they also learn to break free from their cocoons? This is so much like the precious women we serve. That is my prayer: to take heed to what I have learned; to really slow down the experience, and not be in a rush to get back to the pre-quarantine "norm(al)". How do I best experience this gift of renewed life? What are the most important things to me? It's all a bit overwhelming if I am honest, but it is also exciting. I hope it is to you as well.

I pray you experience a “new normal” as you burst forth and soar.



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