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Change of Scenery; Re-writing The Script- by Margaret Stearns

Will you allow Me to re-write the script for your life in this new season? Or will you cling to an old mindset, to a familiar routine and way that I have led you in thus far?

Will you allow Me to change the scenery and the backdrop behind you?

If I wanted to take you down a different road than you've walked before; could you easily agree to walk to the right now, instead of to the left?

Are you able to let Me lead you further into My ultimate destiny for you? Or will you stall, hesitate, and allow your feet to stay.......stuck in a rut; in an old way. In an old season...?

For a new season is now upon you, and truly, you have not walked this way before. I am bringing you out deeper and deeper- to walk on the waters with Me...

Will you shudder with fear and anxiety and choose to stay on the land or in the boat.....attached to what has been familiar and 'safe'?

It is time for you to make a decision, for even now I am causing your scenery to change; the sand under your feet is swiftly moving... The boat you are in is quickly filling with water...

But, fear not; My son and My daughter! For I am here, near you and for you! You have but to reach out to Me to catch My hand and I will set you to stand beside Me; to see with My vision... the plans I have for you in this new season.

Allow Me to give you My mindset and vision for the new season that is upon you. I am your Good Shepherd and I am speaking your name to follow Me. Follow Me, dear ones, into this new season that is upon you! (Acts 22:14-15)

"The God of our forefathers has destined and appointed you to come progressively to know His will- that is, to perceive and to recognize more strongly and clearly, and to become better and more acquainted with His will........and to see the righteous one, Yeshua HaMashiach, the Messiah, and to hear a voice from His own mouth and a message from His own lips."

Margaret Stearns


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