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Dance of Destiny- by Margaret Stearns

My 1..2..3 Dance of Destiny

Many are seeking Me and asking Me, "Lord, what is the next step?' What do I do now? Please tell me what the next step is."

Many are looking for Me to give them a 1..2..3, step by step plan that they can work; and sometimes, in fact, I do, but in this season I want you to look on with a different filter, a different lens... to perceive My guidance with a new perception of viewing My instruction.


My Bride, My Bride..

I have taken your hand and drawn you out onto My ballroom floor; to romance you and to draw you close.

Allow Me to lead you in this Dance of love...this Walk of Faith. To bring you out...

twirling and swirling; captured by My gaze of love and embraced by My secure arms of love.

This is a Dance of Love, My Bride. Allow Me to guide you across this vast expanse of Land...

I am teaching you how to partner with Me; teaching you how to lean into me and submit to My leadership. I will swiftly, and with great grace.. lead you fully into My perfect plans.

Keep your eyes fixed on Me, your Beloved Bridegroom..

and you will see more clearly where I have 'Danced' you into your next 'Step'; 1..2..3..

by Margaret Stearns


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