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DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?- by Margaret Stearns

Do you know what time it is? Do you see the arms on the face of the clock? What time is the hand pointing to?

Are you aware of the Hour that is upon us? Can you recognize what I am doing in the earth?

These are birth pangs and these are the End-Time shiftings in the earth I am causing to bring to birth My Agenda and My purposes to be accomplished.

Do you understand the urgency of the Hour? The nearness of My coming is eminent. Are you ready for My return? Have you cleansed your garments and purified your hearts? Are you standing with clean hands? Will I find Faith in the earth?

Is this a time for you to build houses to live in them; a time to plant vineyards and imbibe deeply of the grape?

Is it not time to sow in tears, to put your hand to the plow and Reap with Me a Harvest of souls yet to be counted amongst our numbers?

Do you know Me? Are we friends? Are you dressed in your wedding attire waiting for My arrival? How are the conditions of your Gates? Is your Foundation solid or are there cracks and gaps needing to be filled with the cement of My truth sealing it to Eternity...with Me as your Cornerstone?

Can you hear My Alarm Clock ticking? Are you dressed and ready to get up to answer when I call; as I suddenly sound My End-Time Clarion call... "Awake, for your Bridegroom has come!".

Written by: Margaret Stearns 1/7/2021


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