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Master Gardener- by Margaret Stearns

We are in a new Era. A new cycle has begun.

It is very important to allow the Holy Spirit to search out our hearts like using a flashlight to seek and find; to invite Him to locate if there are things in our souls that could continue to defile us and hinder His greater purposes for what He desires to do in us and through us.

Like a seed that is sown...

Take inventory of your life and determine if your heart is soft. What kind of soil is your heart made of?


And also, think of what kind of seeds have been sown in your heart. What have you sown in your life and in the soil of your heart?

Who have you allowed to sow seed into your life and heart that may not have had good soil in their own?

This is a great sifting season that is upon us.

Do you know the condition of your souls, your hearts?

And what of the seed that has been sown and has taken root?

Are there bad seeds and rotten weeds that may still need to be recognized and pulled up to bring deeper healing and greater deliverance to make you whole, My beloved children?

Yes, I am your Master Gardener and I have taken up My gardening tools and I am raking over and tilling the soil of your hearts.

Think of the cycles of farming and gardening.

Even within your familial cycles there can be areas; seeds, that have been sown and that need to be detected and then pulled up so as not to hinder any further growth in both your natural and spiritual life.

There can be generational cycles still spinning within your heart and causing damage to My purposes; My seeds of greatness I have planted within you, My children.

Now is the time to seek Me to learn if there are any seeds within you that have taken root that need to be removed.

I have taken up My gardening tool and I am digging up those things that now must go in order for you to grow up into Me and My ways in a healthy, functional cycle of living...

and learning...and becoming.

Allow Me to take up My axe if need be to cut down and remove any bad root that may be still lodged deep within the soil of your heart causing undetected problems and hindrances, and yes, even sicknesses, to your overall development and stability.

I have planted My seeds of graces and giftings and natural talents in you for My purposes to be brought forth through you, My people. Yet, there are some tares that have also grown up alongside and so it is pertinent and crucial for Me to uproot these and continue to till and prepare the soil of your heart....

to water and refresh your souls and to speak tenderly to you.

I am speaking over you like a loving, faithful, careful and diligent Gardener speaking over his lovely garden of flowers; roses, and daffodils and hydrangeas and orchids...

life and hope and inspiration.

I am breathing My true words of power over you to cause you to live and to thrive and to blossom to the fullest of your created beauty.

It is time to allow Me to dig deeper into the soil of your heart; to reach in further to look and see with My searchlight if there be any heart issues still to be mended and ministered to by My Fatherly, healing touch. In fact, are there still areas within your soul of wounds and memories of being hurt by a father in your life? Are you harboring pain from any kind of abuse...neglect, abandonment, shame?

Did you know, or do you in fact need to be gently reminded, that these abuses are seeds sown into your soul which can directly affect how healthy you are able to grow naturally and spiritually?

Come, My children...

Let us sit here together in the warm sun and bask in its warmth; as we rest here in your garden.

Allow Me as your Heavenly Father to touch you with My healing hands., to speak to you softly with My words of kind affirmation.....

As we, together, look to see if there be any hurts needing to receive My touch of wisdom; any seeds still needing removal by My gardening tools of grace.

Written by: Margaret Stearns



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