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My Alter of Burning-A Greater Consecration- by Margaret Stearns

He is separating His people at this time; placing them in His Army as He wills and fashioning us in our warfare garments to equip us for battle. We have not walked this way before...

The armor we used to wear is not sufficient now, as He has brought us higher in His ranks. A greater promotion calls for greater preparation and separation.

Do not resist His greater equipping that may cause you to want to rebel against a stricter discipline, as Yes, a stricter diet plan I am giving you, My Bride. Yes, a more rigid routine of following My directives for your personal walk. Allow Me to continue to groom you to be fully-equipped and dressed in My Bridal/warfare garments.

Do you truly want My greater glory? Do you truly hunger for My manifest presence...My shekinah glory? Remove the idols yet still on the alter of your hearts that I might render the Heavens and come down! For I desire a pure Alter- your Hearts and My House must be pure...

Allow My purifying fires to consume your hearts to prepare them to know My glory; for I desire to pour out of you My clean, pure waters of living water to satisfy a lost and dying world.

I desire holy vessels fit for My use!

Do not think it strange, this fiery shaking I am allowing into your paths; as I have chosen you to be carriers of My glory in this Hour..and it is only those vessels of honor who are able to hold My Shekinah glory to transform this decaying world!

My Bride, My Bride! You have allowed your garments to become stained by the world..By cares, and worries and snares...and, yes, even sin!

Return to Me, your loving Bridegroom... And allow Me to wash away your stain with the washing of My Word; that I may present you to the world...and, yes, to My(our) Heavenly Father... A pure, spotless...yes, blameless Bride; in whom the accuser has nothing in Her, as She has allowed Me to fully take up residence in Her..body, soul, and spirit.

Come and lay yourself again on My Alter of Burning and allow My Spirit of Burning to have its way in you..Yes, to burn out of you any wicked way that has stealthily worked its way back in!

For I am pouring out My Spirit of Holiness upon My Alter..and I am calling you, My Bride, to lay yourself upon it- Even, to again, prostrate yourself before Me.. in weeping, sackcloth and ashes!

A greater consecration in this Hour is upon you, My Bride! A greater sacrifice..that I may present you crucified and risen again in My glory to a yet, long-awaiting world who has been crying out to witness the true sons and daughters of the Most High God!!

I am calling you to go lower that I may raise you higher in this last Hour. Will you yield to My Hand?

Will you willingly yield your members and place yourself on My Alter; even as My Son laid Himself upon it; that I might consume Him with My resurrection power ..That We would stand as One in Our end-time Glory in the earth?

Be one with Me, with Us, My Bride!! That the world would know that you are truly Mine.. Even as they witness the love I have shed abroad in your hearts for one another!! want to touch My glory?? Only My holy vessels can touch My true Glory..

Consecrate yourselves... Consecrate yourselves....

Come away, set yourselves a part from the world that they may see My true vessels of glory in the earth.. That upon seeing you, they are in fact, seeing Me..Seeing the Father and the Son..and full of the Holy Ghost..That you may truly be an effective agent in the earthly realms..revealing My power and My strength from Our Heavenly realms!!

Come up higher!! Come up higher!!

In choosing to answer My call and go lower, you are being raised to come up higher- Where We are..Seated in Heavenly Places..Ruling and Reigning on the earth with Our Heavenly Perspective.

Written by Margaret Stearns, having received this revelation from Holy Spirit, 3/18/2018.


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