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My End-Time Army of Prayer Warriors- by Margaret Stearns

I am fashioning you like a two-edged sword, My Bride, My Remnant.

A greater impartation of My spirit of intercession I am giving you, My Bride!

To partner with Me in this Hour.

You are My priests after the order of Melchizedek.

Come away and shut yourselves in with Me in our prayer closet. I have covered you with My prayer shawl and I have shut you in with Me to conceive My burdens and partner with Me to birth them into the earth.

I shall cause you to writhe and labor to give birth to My plans and purposes in this End-Time ERA.

I shall teach you how to pray even more fervently... even more passionately.

I shall cause our eyes to lock and you shall see My desire reflected in My eyes; and you shall receive My vision for your life and for the lives of others I shall place in your path. I shall cause you to gaze into My Kingdom, to see My realms of greater glory and higher dimensions of My Heavenlies.

Like Daniel, I shall change your diet  and your daily schedule shall shift...and you shall enlarge your calendar to be occupied with My interests, with My plans.

I shall change you into a new man, into a new woman~ You shall be transformed into My image. You shall be My representative in the earth and show forth My character and My ways. I will lead you to do the greater exploits.

As you press into My presence in prayer, as you choose to partner with Me in intercession...I shall cause My whirlwind to come down and swirl around you and catch you in My waves of glory. And My tongues of fire shall fall upon your heads, and My flames of fire shall ignite your tongues and you shall be filled even more with My Spirit... and I shall cause you to rise up and to speak with My Power in boldness and in My spirit of Might!

I shall cause you to posture yourselves like Elijah; you shall place your heads between your knees and pray My purposes; My Kingdom come, My will be done earth as it is in Heaven.

You shall declare a thing, and it shall be done! You shall decree My Word and I shall watch over it to perform it!

I am sounding My alarm on My holy Mountain, on My ' Holy' Mountain. I shall bring a greater shaking to My House.

I shall shake out of it those who are not Mine. I am bringing a division between the tares and the wheat.

I am building My Army. Are you in My Army? Do you want to be? Are you ready for boot camp? Can you run with My foot soldiers? Can you hear My marching orders?

There are some among you that I desire to promote. Are you ready? Can you endure the higher warfare? Are you equipped? It shall start on your knees, in our prayer closet.

I am making you into My warfare instrument! Can I send you out as a warfare instrument in the earth to do My bidding? Can I entrust you with My marching orders? 

I am making you ready, My Bride,

My End-Time Remnant Army!

Can you hold the line? Do not fall behind, My Beloved. Press in...for I shall uphold you with My righteous right hand!

Are you thirsty? I shall give you drink from My cistern of living water~

Are you hungry? I shall feed you with My Heavenly Manna.

I shall sustain you in days of famine.

I shall cause the rock to spill forth rivers of quenching water.

I shall go before you in My cloud of Glory, I shall be at your back with My column of Fire.

I shall roll up the sea like a scroll and open wide a path before you...I shall lead you on dry ground! 

Do you want to see My Glory? How hungry are you for My presence, My people?

Come away with Me into your closets, My people. Let Me wrap My prayer shawl of intercession around you. Enlist in My Army; receive your marching orders...

Be in My End-Time Army of Prayer Warriors~

Can you hear the sound of marching upon the tops of the mulberry trees?

This is My End-Time Army I am equipping to march forth with My end-time orders to implement My plans in the earth; My Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

This is a season of promotion.

This is a season of fulfillment.

I have brought you through your desert training to receive My new Commissionings.

I have placed on you new Garments.

I have given you new Assignments.

You shall go with My Words in your mouth and speak forth My Kingdom Come! 

And it shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then you shall advance quickly. For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines. (2 Samuel 5:24, NAS)


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