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Possessing The Gates of Your Enemies- by Margaret Stearns

I will cause you to again, walk and traverse and possess your lands...yes, your 'lands'. I am bringing expansion into your life; greater territory you must learn to possess as I have desired for you to go and to occupy the inheritances I've promised you.

What have I placed in your hand? It is a Prophet's Staff, a Rod for Ruling I have set in your right hand.

However, do not think that you can rule and abide with Me in My governmental authority if you have in fact allowed compromise, apathy, or even mixture to become attached to your walk. A house divided against itself cannot stand; you cannot eat at My table and at the table of demons.

Do not think that you can possess and occupy any land if you are not walking in upright ways that I have approved. You must stand in My spirit of holiness to possess and occupy. If you have allowed any stain on your garments you must repent and invite Me to cleanse you as you cannot defeat the enemies at the gates if you aren't wholly clean and pure...and walking in true righteousness, My children.

Some of you have allowed your garments to become stained and it is imperative and essential that you wash in My sanctified blood and renew your covenant of peace with Me, for in order for you to proceed and fulfill My destined course for you, you will have to renew your vows and cleanse your stained garments.

You must be walking in My mindset in this season as the path is strewn with the enemy's ploys and advanced schemes. You must see with My keen eye sight; discern swiftly with My accuracy, the landmines and traps of your adversary.

I am your Head, your Commander in Chief. I am leading my flock of eagles to search out the lands and to possess and occupy. I am continuing to teach and train your hands to war for this battle is fierce and you stand at the Threshold of many Gates that I have purposed for you to occupy but you must be fully equipped and dressed in My righteousness; and your garments, they must be white...and you must be filled with My Overcoming Spirit and walking in My holiness. You cannot walk in compromise and think you can possess your enemy at the gates.

Lift up your heads, O My people! Lift up your eyes and look into Mine~ My Eagle Eyes will impart to you My Agenda, My Strategies to defeat your personal enemy who mocks you and baits you... and tries to intimidate possess your inheritance at your gates. I am imparting to you My Eternal Fire; My Eternal gaze of Victory I am giving you so that you may stand with Me in this Hour and together we will storm the gates of hell; yes, together, we will even bring back those who are on the brink of eternal damnation.

We will take possession of the territories as we are One in thought, our minds in agreement to our Heavenly Father's plans. Keep your armor on, My children. Raise your Staff and Rule with Me...for we are standing at the Threshold of a New Day, a New Dawning, a New Era~ We shall advance and we shall take the City, take the Land, take the Territories.. We have the Victory!

Written by : Margaret Stearns Received by: Holy Spirit, 10/23/2020


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