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Pregnant with The Seeds of God- by Margaret Stearns

Like a woman in childbirth, I am causing you to be enlarged with My desires and My plans~ You are uncomfortable and agitated and you long to give birth. I am extending your tent pegs for such a time as this. This stretching you feel in the spirit is Me making room in you to carry My seeds of eternal power and glory to be delivered and released into the world. You are carrying My plans and purposes to full term and you are quite vexed at this juxtaposition I have brought you to; like the Israelite's at the Red Sea not seeing a way to cross; to be freed and let out to victory into their promised land. I have brought you to full term, carrying My designs to give birth in this season and I shall open wide the seas before you to cause you to cross over. I am making a way for you to give birth to the plans and purposes to which I planted in you for My Glory. I have sent My angel before you and you shall be led to cross over into your promised land.

You can feel the birth pangs even more the closer I bring you to come into the deliverance I've planned for you. Keep your eyes upon Me. Breathe Me in...breathe Me out. Take deep, clear breaths. Inhale My breaths of life as I carefully, with My eye upon you, bring you to give birth~

I am raising up My mature sons and daughters in this end-time Army. I am assigning you to be responsible with My new assignments and commissioning in this Hour and I must make you ready to be strong and mighty in battle. You shall be good stewards of the plans and purposes I am causing you to give birth to in this Hour. You are pregnant with My seeds. I am bringing you to birth My plans in this End-time Hour.

Like a woman pregnant in her 9th month; I have brought you to this time to give birth to My Vision.

I have given birth to you, My sons and daughters, and you are pregnant with the seeds I have impregnated you with to give birth in due season; that I might display and show forth in demonstration My power and glory in the earth.

I am bringing you to the point of birth. You feel restricted and confined and it is quite uncomfortable. At this time you can't move and stretch as easily and as much as you would like to. You are in My womb of incubation and preparation, My child. I am feeding you through My 'umbiblical' cord. I am causing you to grow and develop in a hidden place; yet, in due season , in My Set Time, I shall bring you to birth and you shall be brought forth into a vast expansion of freedom and liberty.

You are My true sons and daughters I have birthed to carry and deliver My End-Time purposes and plans in the earth. You shall do the greater exploits I spoke of; greater works than I shall you perform in the last days.

Keep breathing in My breath of Life. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Holy Spirit is your Mid-Wife, My children. He is faithfully leading you to bring to birth, full-term, My purposes in the earth.

Written by : Margaret Stearns Received by : Ruach HaKodesh Submitted 8/31/2020


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