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"The Garden, The Cross, The Glory"- by Margaret Stearns

The Lord has brought many of us into our very own Gethsemane where we are wrestling with Him and where He is touching our hearts to the deepest crevasses. What is in your heart that you are wrestling with? What is it that the Lord is pointing out for you to surrender to Him? He desires to bring you into His ultimate plan, and it will require greater surrender within your souls. Can you say to the Lord, "Yes, Lord, I will drink this cup. Not my will but Yours be done."

As we get closer to breakthrough or to a promise fulfilled be aware of stumbling blocks and those who would deter you from going through even very difficult passages as these are the steps ordered by Me.

Ask Me for greater discernment in this Season and allow Me to work a deeper surrender in your souls to prepare you for your particular cross I have placed in your path to glory.

Are you ready to lay yourselves down on your individual crosses that I may raise you up with My resurrection power?

I have led you to this place of wrestling. Will you tarry with Me a little longer? Have you decided to follow through... taking up your individual crosses and allowing Me to work in you and through you for My greater purposes to come to fulfillment in your lives? Written: 5/22/22


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