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The Making of Your New Wine- by Margaret Stearns

The Forging of Your New Wine Skin

The Doctor spoke to me in a gentle but firm tone, " This is going to hurt." I looked at Him not fully believing what I had just heard; didn't want to believe what He had just said because, of course, He was my Doctor, and it was His job to make me feel better.

What does He mean? "This is going to hurt". Why does it have to hurt to ultimately cause me to heal and become whole? Maybe I shouldn't have gone to the Doctor! I'm already in pain, I don't want Him causing me more pain! What is this?? Should I allow Him to touch me and increase this measure of discomfort? What are my choices?

Allow Me to pour into you My New Medicine, My Bride. It is time for you to receive the fullness of My Glory... Allow Me to heal those areas yet still festering in your soul.. or else you will not be able to contain My New Wine. Allow Me to heal you and continue to reshape your New Wine Skin.

Yes, I know, you really didn't think it would hurt so much; and you are shocked at Me, your Beloved Bridegroom, because you had truly hoped I wouldn't bring you to such a place of deep pain and anguish of mind and heart..once again.

It is in this particular place of Forging that I am crafting your New Wine Skin. Do you want My anointing? Do you still desire to be a Carrier of My Glory? Will you still say, 'Yes, Father, Here I am'?

You've known for some time that to truly be My Follower; it will cost you EVERYTHING.

I am changing your New Wine Skin. And, yes, this is a painful process. Allow Me to pour into you My New Medicine which will enable you to receive My New Wine during this transformation season into your New Wine Skin.


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