A Fresh Outpouring Of My Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) -by Margaret Stearns

Prepare yourselves for My outpouring this Pentecost, My people. Posture your hearts before Me and prepare to expect and receive My outpouring of My Spirit this Shavuot.

Are you ready to receive, to be filled again with My fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit? Are you hungering for My presence? Are you diligently seeking My face and desiring to meet with Me, your Beloved King and Messiah?

Again, I shall pour out My Spirit, and My sons and My daughters shall prophesy; old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions. Upon My sons and My daughters I shall cause the Rain of My Spirit to fall afresh upon you...

Be ready, be waiting expectantly upon My arrival..These rains I am pouring out shall cleanse you and bring a deeper purification. I shall Baptize you afresh in My Power and Might...but you must be expectant and actively waiting and hungering for My fresh outpouring.

Are you ready to be Baptized in My Fire?,

To be set on fire for Me? To be Empowered to be My witnesses in the earth to demonstrate My Power and Glory in even greater measure in this Hour?

Have you prepared to receive the outpouring of My Tongues of Fresh Fire and Awakening?

Be ready, here He comes...

Be expectant and full of Faith...

Wait upon Me, until I again, pour out a fresh Baptism of Fire upon you in this New Day; this New Era that you are standing in.

Be praying and waiting upon Me.

Tarry in My presence, My people.

Be looking and expecting to receive My Fresh Outpouring of My Spirit this Shavuot.

Be hungering for My Torah (Word)...

And to be filled and empowered by My Baptism of fresh Fire...

By My healing rains of sanctification and renewal.

Be ready... Here He comes...

Ruach HaKodesh...

Falling afresh upon you...

Received by: Holy Spirit  5/15/2020

Written by: Margaret Stearns 

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