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A Personalized Vision For 2022- by Margaret Stearns

I see a wide door opening into our Heavenly Father's heart and lots of room for us to sit at His feet and listen and eat of the many choice fruits and wines and candies; these things He is desiring to give us, His precious children.

This is a time to be still and receive, and perhaps there are wounds still needing to be healed.

Come lounge at His feet and lean in close to .... hear your Heavenly Father's soft whisper.

Yes, there are great exploits to be done; yes, with great zest I see this is your goal; yet for now it is My vision that you rest here with Me....and allow Me to refresh you and for you to just 'be'.

I want to speak to you tenderly and like a mother hen, draw you in under My healing wings and go real deep.

I see the end from the beginning, the vision in its fulfillment; though it tarry, it shall come to fruition. In My timing and not before, do not jump up prematurely and run after it for I know the season and timing of its birth.

Come, sit with Me and rest, My children. Come sit and be filled. For out of My storehouse, I will provide for you; out of My Heavenly Winery My New Wine shall flow... into your spirits and into your marrow. I am feeding you My true Words, My Heavenly Manna and My Oil.

Fret not that you'll miss your divine appointment. I am the Author of its new chapter and I see the middle and the end. This Storyline I am writing in you to be revealed in its time; on the tablets of your hearts, I am chiseling a theme... your individual assignments created by Me.

In the stillness of My presence, you will hear My voice.... as you block out the external noise and continue to lean in close.

Slowly, very slowly, you will begin to see a vision come into focus. Your Destiny Scroll unfurling even more.

My Sabbatical year is upon you now, My children. Strive and Labor to enter into My Rest. Come sit at My feet and watch with Me like being at a movie theater, sitting together in the front seat... You will be surprised and delighted to find that I have infact cast you as the center of attraction, the main character in this action-packed Storyline!

Get your hot popcorn, a tonic, perhaps a hot chocolate, and let us together review your script for your life's demonstration on earth as it is in Heaven.

Here, I've brought you a pair of 3D glasses. Be prepared and empowered for there will be some amazing advances; and like a giant Rollercoaster there will be bends and curves and swift drops and breathtaking views.... but don't worry, My son and My daughter, I've got you!

You are always in My sights, and I've taken your hand in Mine. See, you and I are going through your life's Storyline together, I've always been here with you on this glorious ride!

Shhh...the preview is about to begin; the curtain has opened.

Shut off your cellphones, the lights are dimming. Put on your 3D glasses, sit at My feet, My precious children and....LISTEN.

Margaret Stearns

Written: 1/2/22


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