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April Flowers Bring.... The 'Sun" of God Riding on His White Horse- by Margaret Stearns

Can you smell My fragrance as you begin your new day in Me?

Do you see the new buds forming and the tender blades of grass growing?

I make all things new, My people. Keep looking up for your redemption draweth neigh.

Do you see Me coming on the clouds of white?

Can you see My crown gleaming in the brilliant light of the sun?

My sword is upon My thigh and I am coming swiftly to rule and to reign.

I am coming for My Bride, to draw her up to sit with Me on My white rule and to reign.

I am riding My white horse, traversing the land. My eyes are searching to and fro to see who will go with Me to stand with My scepter in their hand.

Do you smell the fragrance of lilies in the winds caressing your face? Can you hear the soft blowing of air coming from my white steed's nostrils...just inches away?

Will you go with Me to the Market Place?

Will you ride with Me to the vineyards and see what is taking place?~

To the villages I am headed, to awaken the dawn and bring great break through throughout the place!

I have brought My trumpet to My lips and I am blasting My Clarion Call...

" Awaken, My Bride! See it is I, your beloved Bridegroom who has come! To take your hand in Mine, to draw you up beside Me as we together ride on...into the lands who have yet to hear our Song"...

'Salvation to the lost, the old and the young!' " Now is the time to make Me your own. Allow Me to be your Good Shepherd...and make you My own."

Do not miss your time of visitation as My Clarion Call has gone forth!

Come out from the hillsides, the caves and the holes. Reach for Our hand to pull you to sit and to stand where we are in our Father's Kingdom... united as One in Him."

I see the Lord, Yeshua, coming in the clouds riding on His white horse with His scepter in His Hand.

I see the Lord riding on His white horse traversing the land, searching to and fro for those whose hearts are for Him.

Are you ready to rule and to reign with Him with His scepter in your hand?

Can you smell the fragrance of lilies? It is Him!!!

He has come for you to draw you to sit beside Him on His regal steed; to ride with Him to the Harvest fields and reap with Him the Family Seed.

Prophetic word 4/14/2021



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