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Do you see Giants or Grasshoppers? - by Margaret Stearns

I hear the sound of marching in the top of the trees.

Can you hear the marching in the spirit, My children? Are you hearing My shofar as I sound My last days Clarion call?

I am gathering the troops and bringing you into My ordained alignment in the earth. Do not be dismayed if you find that I have pulled you from being part of one group of people or sphere of influence and now find yourself relocated within a different group of people, location and arrangement.

I need flexible, adaptable wineskins in this New Era. I am building My End-time Army and equipping you to stand battle-ready for the last days onslaught of your defeated enemy! Do not cower in fear or intrepidation for I go before you to lead you into your Promised Lands!

What are you seeing?

Giants or Grasshoppers?

I have dressed you in warfare garments and placed in your hand a Harvest Sickle.

Will you run with Me to the Harvest fields and bring into My Sheepfold those waiting to be numbered a son or daughter in My Kingdom Registry?

Yes, I have turned up the fire seven times hotter and you are feeling the transformational touch of My Master Potter hands on your earthly clay. Will you stay on My Potter's Wheel and allow Me to continue to fashion you into My End-time Weapon in My Hand to accomplish My preordained assignments in the earth?

Be prepared and ready to receive your New Assignments. Don't become comfortable and set in a familiar routine as I will be leading you into paths you have yet to tread and into territory you have yet to possess.

Keep your eyes on Me. I am your Good Shepherd and I know the beginning from the end. I will sustain you and provide for you as you choose to trust Me and believe in Me and walk in faith as I draw you out and into New Assignments in this Season.

Do not fear the Giants, they are but Grasshoppers! Take upon yourselves the spirit of Caleb and Joshua and move out steadily in the assigned positions I have placed you in amongst My End-time Warriors in My Army!

Received 7/2/22


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