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I AM STIRRING YOUR NEST- by Margaret Stearns

Prophetic word, written: 7/7/21

Like a mother eagle I am stirring up the nest to cause you to become uncomfortable and to loosen your attachments to what has been familiar.

It is necessary for Me to cause this shaking and removal of what had been a soft, quiet place of growing and contentment within the nest.

Now, as a good Mother/Father eagle, I am methodically removing layer by layer the comfort and familiar touch you have grown to be accustomed with in your past season.

It is time for you to continue to grow and mature and it is My responsibility to help equip you to do this as I stir up a foundation I laid in your life to bring stability into it; your nest I have built for you, I am removing, so that I can bring you into My next ordained placement within your Destiny Scroll.

Now I have brought you, quite unwittingly I must say, and at your consternation some might agree; to sit or stand on the edge of what used to be 'home' to you. I have positioned you to fly into your next 'there'.

Don't fret or worry, yet, as a growing eaglet might naturally it sits precariously on the edge of its torn up and disheveled safe place which used to provide a somewhat measure of knowing and solitude...

I have now brought you to another crossroads and transition to propel you further into My Heavenly Father plans, My dear children.

I have gone before you to prepare the next 'there'~

I will show you how to fly and work your wings; to ride the winds of My Holy Spirit. In fact, as you're learning to grow even more in My ways, I will catch you up to settle safely on My swift wings to bring you closer to My ultimate Destiny for you in this beautiful world I created for you to walk run and fly in.

Get ready now. Time to step off the edge of the nest and expand your wings and allow Me to lead you into your next phase of your Destiny Scroll I have written for you, My Beloved.



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