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It Is Time To Spring Forth!- by Margaret Stearns

Indeed, it is time to build My House, My people. Do not look at the natural and presume that it is time to continue to slumber and to sleep, and to think; ' for the Winter months are cold and so let's just lie down and eat and hibernate!'

Are these some of the thoughts you are having, My children? Shake off your slumber and put on your boots...for I am expanding your horizons and you must be awake and alert!

Do you see the bud forming on an outer branch? The many seeds I have sown in you are growing and wanting to burst forth. I am breathing on you a refreshing wind and I have My Hand on your back pushing you forward into a new thing.

What have I placed in your hand? What are your talents and gifts? Are you still exercising them? Have you buried these and your dreams because of the increase of warfare in your sphere of influence? Have you yet to learn this actually prepares you to be propelled into your next greater anointing? The increase in attacks declare your next upgrade, your next place of glory!

Take up that smooth stone and aim it at your enemy. Let the elastic from your sling be drawn and stretched to its fullest length. Release your gifts and talents and you shall have your victories!

Sing your song, write your book. Paint a colorful picture on canvas or even on a wall. Whatever your hands can find to do to partner with Me to build My Kingdom; it is time to occupy and multiply on the earth!

Do you know what season you are in? Behold the Winter is past and Springtime has sprung. Can you hear the sound of the turtledoves?

Rise up, My Beloved, and come away with Me. To the vineyards we shall go to see the many flowers budding.

It is time to occupy and shake off your slumbering garments.

Come, take My's time to defeat your giants!

Margaret Stearns


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