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Make Me Your Arrow- by Margaret Stearns

Yes, Lord...Make me Your Arrow, filled with Your Glory. I yield to Your Hand; send me in Your power and in Your strength.

Make me a sharp arrow... Anoint my head with Your oil, with Your anointing.

Fashion me and mold me in Your Hand. Release me and send me in Your power and strength... accomplish Your will in my life.

Make me a sharp arrow, filled with Your Glory... that I would be used to release Your give You Glory.

I am in Your Hand; a narrow, sharpened arrow... fully yielded to Your will and desire. To go wherever You send me. Your desire shall be accomplished as I hit the targets...Your Glory

released... Your fire spreading...

========================================= It is time to go, It is time to fly! It is time to go, It is time to fly!

I desire to use send you in My Power, in My strength... to accomplish My desire.

I have been fashioning you... I've called you to My narrow walk; to walk My narrow path. I have been refining you and sharpening you that you would be a sharpening to others... that they might be refined and made into Arrows for My use.

You have yielded to My workings; to allow My Hand to cut away, to remove those things that cannot pass through My narrow way...

Thank you for trusting Me. Thank you for believing in Me; for believing that I am good... that I love you... for not giving up.

See, it is well worth the suffering and discipline for the short moment... My Glory is Eternal.

I do an Eternal work in My people. I must remove that which is not of My nature, of My Spirit. I desire a pure, spotless Bride. I cannot abide in and dwell in a house filled with darkness and sin.

My light removes the darkness. My light cleanses and purifies the hearts of My people. I desire that My Bride be filled with My Glory; My Light

removes the darkness. I am the Light in the


I am the Light in your darkness. I am the Light working in your hearts, working to purify your hearts; to cleanse your spirits that We might truly be One. I desire that you be like Me; that We be One even as My Father and I are One...walking and talking and breathing as One...thinking, understanding, believing as One.

Be One with Me. Know Me. Be in Me. Allow Me to truly Be in you; to be My Glory in you. To Be Glory in you. I Am The Glory... I Am The Glory!


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