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My Foods Of Revelation- by Margaret Stearns

Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on the arm of her Beloved?

Do you see the blooming of the crocus and do you see the budding of the myrtle tree?

I cause the the desert to bloom and it is My voice that causes the rocks to gush refreshing waters! I speak and the deer give birth!

Awaken, My Bride, and see with new eyes the fresh manna I have hidden for you to find right before you in plain sight!

A new discernment, a grace to see....My fresh revelations for you to eat!

I have set a table before you that you may feast and imbibe... My new wine and vegetables and fruit; My heavenly Manna on My Table before you!

Come and eat...sitting with Me within our garden smelling the sweet fragrances of our many eats... and lovely smells of the sweet rose petals as they lay softly under our feet.

My Bride, My Bride!

Let Me look at You in full view... as we together eat and drink here at our Heavenly Father's Table...

His Heavenly Manna to receive!

Written: 5/27/21


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