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The Sound of Marching- by Margaret Stearns

Can you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees?

It is the sound of My End-Time Army marching at My clarion call to come into formation; to step in line and be in My End-Time prophetic formation in the earth.

Do you know your place?

What is your mandate?

What is your assignment?

Have you heard My trumpet call?

I am sounding My shofar and purposing

to awaken you to My End-Time assignment on your life, My people.

It is time to understand who you are in Me, your Jewish Messiah.

Be sure that you do not harden your hearts to My voice in this New Era.

Be very sure you know your purpose, the vision I have for your life. Are you being equipped? Are you studying to show yourselves approved by Me?

This is the Last Hour as I am making preparations to prepare a room for you to dwell...where I am, in My New Jerusalem. Will you be among My numbers? My great Army that I am presently assembling?

Do you know the order of the day?

What time is it, beloved?

Is it a time to carouse, to play and get drunk and to be idle? To walk without clarity of direction? Is it not now the time to walk circumspectly? To be very aware of the Hour?

Be still and listen, My beloved.

For in this stillness you will begin to hear My summoning. You will hear the rustling in the tops of the mulberry trees~ My Ruach HaKodesh blowing swiftly...You will hear My clarion call to arms.

Receive My words of instruction.

Know your mandate and put your hands to My assignment.

Do you hear the thunder in the distance;

My lightning's that brighten the expanse of My Heavens? Do you hear My voice speaking your name? Can you discern My direction in the rumbling and trembling of the earth beneath you?

Be watchful and alert, My people.

As you come before Me and wait upon Me you will hear My voice speaking to you; This is the Way, Walk ye in it.

Do not refuse My correction for in fact this is My Hand bringing realignment into your lives for your good and for your benefit.

Every good and perfect gift comes from Me. I am your good Father. It is time to be sober of mind and of spirit.

I am making known to you the Hour of this Day. It is time to walk in My spirit of the Fear of the Lord, My children.

It is time to walk as mature sons and daughters of the Most High God; your only True God, Adonai.

Do not walk any longer as little children wandering here and there and playing with frivolous affairs. Hear My voice calling to you from the Mulberry trees. It is time to get in My order, in My End-Time Army.

I am handing out your Last Day assignments. Will you be ready?

Are you dressed and prepared for My coming? Know who you are in Me.

Know your place in My formation and be ready to be sent out with My authority, to work My End-Time exploits in the earth.

The time is short, My people.

Be awake and alert. Rise up from your sleep and be dressed, ready for My appearing.

Have your lamps filled, with extra oil in your flasks, for I am coming at a time you know not. The season of My appearing is near. Be not wanting or lacking for anything.

Draw near to Me while I am near.

Receive My words of living water; eat of My heavenly Manna...fill your jars full of My revelatory oil.

The Day is drawing near. Will you be found among the numbers counted in My End-Time Army?...fulfilling My Last Day mandates and assignments?

Seek Me while I am near and be found a member of My Household, a soldier in My Army.

Can you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees?

I am your Captain of Hosts and I am marching and blowing My shofar, My trumpet. I have brought My trumpet to My lips and I am calling to you to come, to draw near, to get into your place in My End-Time Army.

My Bride must be dressed and ready for this end-time battle for it will be fierce.

My Bride must be awake and alert; to be very aware and knowledgeable of the schemes and snares of her enemy.

Have you heard My call? Have you received from My Hand your End-Time mandate and Assignment?

Written by: Margaret Stearns

Submitted : 3/10/21


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