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Turning The Page- by Margaret Stearns

Will you allow Me to walk you through into the next chapter of your life's story?

To enter this next phase, it will require you to surrender in even greater levels~ your heart, your time, your personal endeavors... Like a child growing up into maturity, there are stages in your walk with Me that through the initiation of My Ruach HaKodesh, I will bring you into greater maturity in Me and through Me to cause you to bear much fruit for My Glory; for our Father's Glory, in fact.

As your example in the earth while I walked as His Son manifesting His works in the earth, so shall I cause you to also glorify Him through the greater exploits during your sojourn in this short time on the earth as well, to show forth His Glory as His true sons and daughters. This will require a total laying down of yourself and your desires completely so that I may raise you up with Me through My resurrection power.

I am turning the page in your life now.

Now is the time, now is the Hour for My true sons and daughters to show forth My End-time Glory in the earth...To be My light and My salt.

Are you ready to begin the next phase of your journey in Me?...With Me? I am unraveling your Heavenly Scroll and releasing what is recorded in your ordained personal destiny scroll to now be manifested in you and through you on the earth. I have assigned specific angels to assist you in these new assignments and mandates; they will help you to fulfill My directives for your walk in this next chapter in your life.

Can you hear the rustling of a new page turning? I have turned the page in your walk with Me for such a time as this~ It is a New Day, a New Beginning, a New Start of a New Chapter in your life..and how excited I am to watch you continue to mature and grow up into the knowledge of Me and all My Ways.

Like the pages turning in a book; it is My greatest desire that you be read by all men; My living Epistles in the earth, demonstrating and displaying My Kingdom. Come… sit with Me, My children; and we will together, read your Heavenly another page is turned to reveal our Heavenly Father's next ordained plan for you here on the earth ~ Can you hear the turning pages of your Heavenly Scroll?

Received by Holy Spirit 7/30/2020 Written by: Margaret Stearns


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